Paramax-3, malaria diagnostic test kit


Rapid test for the detection of Malaria Pan / Pv / Pf


Paramax-3 is used for the detection of P.falciparum specific histidine rich protein-2 (Pf HRP-2), P.vivax specific pLDH and pan malaria specific pLDH, for the specific detection of P. falciparum and P.vivax malaria, differentiation of other malarial species and for the follow up of antimalarial therapy.


Self performing, rapid, qualitative immunoassay, lateral flow device


100% in correlation with microscopy


100% specific to P.falciparum HRP 2, P.vivax specific pLDH and pan specific pLDH


  • Membrane assembly predispensed with:
    -  Agglutinating sera for Pf. HRP-2 colloidal gold conjugate, Agglutinating sera for P.vivax  specific pLDH colloidal gold conjugate, Agglutinating sera for Pan specific pLDH colloidal gold conjugate, and rabbit globulin colloidal gold conjugate
    -  Agglutinating sera for Pf. HRP-2 at the 'Pf' region
    -  Agglutinating sera for P.vivax specific pLDH at the 'Pv' region
    -  Agglutinating sera for Pan specific pLDH at the 'pan' region 
    -  Agglutinating sera for rabbit globulin at 'Control' region

  •  Clearing Buffer

Test Duration

Twenty minutes assay

Storage / Stability

4-30°C, 2 years


Paramax-3 malaria test kit contains individually pouched device, 5 ml sample loop, and clearing buffer.

Pack Sizes: 1 test, 10 tests, 25 tests
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