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ZeroFly Storage Bag

ZeroFly® Storage Bag is the first insecticide-incorporated storage bag to prevent damaging pest infestations. It reduces the loss of seed or grains that can be consumed, stored for security, or sold for optimized prices, while not having the hazards associated with fumigation or the potential for pesticide residues that come from inaccurate insecticide spraying. Insecticide is incorporated into individual fibers of the bags, which provides a powerful killing action against stored product insects before they can infest the grain or seed packed in the bag.

Post-harvest losses impact food security.

  • According to the World Bank, a 1% reduction in post-harvest losses corresponds to a gain of USD 40 million, with farmers as key beneficiaries. The value of post-harvest losses in Sub-Saharan Africa alone is nearly USD 4 billion a year out of an annual grain value of USD 27 billion.
  • An estimated 10 to 30 percent of worldwide annual food production is lost during post-harvest processes. This impacts the farmer with loss of profitability and has a detrimental effect on global food security.
  • Significant volumes of grain in developing countries are lost after harvest, aggravating hunger and resulting in expensive inputs, such as fertilizer, irrigation water, and human labor, being wasted.

Storage is the most critical post-harvest operation

  • Deterioration of the grain quality during storage can be due to improper storing conditions, which leads to contamination with fungi or insect infestation.
  • Using the same bins or bags year after year without proper hygiene, provides a continuous chain of infestation. Insects can hibernate or even continue to feed on wooden structures of the store or hide between holes and cracks in the walls. They can then reinfest the new crop in the same store and resume feeding.
  • Storage of uncovered, previously harvested crops next to those newly harvested, can also result in insects spoiling the newly-harvested crops. A primary source of infestation of the stored crop is the field where the crop has grown.

ZeroFly® Storage Bag reduces post-harvest losses

  • ZeroFly® Storage Bag is novel and innovative insecticide-incorporated polypropylene bag designed to protect commodities (grains and seeds) against destructive insect pest infestation during storage.
  • Limited success in reducing post-harvest losses at scale highlight the need to provide best practices, new technologies and practical recomemndations to reduce losses. Current tools have challenges with correct use of pesticides and repeat intervention. Fumigation is common practice but it is a volatile pesticide. The most common deficiency in fumigation is the neglect of hygiene and stock management, resulting in the necessity of frequent fumigation. Consequently, there are hazards of excessive bromide residue accumulation in the grain.
  • Governments have an interest in protecting grain reserves in storage. Farmers have an interest in saving grain harvests for food bewteen growing seasons and for selling when prices are favorable. Post-harvest losses due to insects are estimated between 2-20% of harvested grain in sub-Saharan Africa.
The active ingredient is incorporated into the polypropylene yarns that are woven together and is released on the surface of the material in a sustained manner so that the commodities stored in the bag are continuously protected against insect infestation.

ZeroFly® Storage Bag offers proven protection against the following pests:

How It Works

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  • ZeroFly® Storage Bag is an insecticide-incorporated, long-lasting and environmentally friendly innovation, which provides a powerful killing action against stored product insects before they can infest the grain or seed packed in the bag.
  • It is effective, safe and increases grain and seed stocks by reducing loss to insects, while reducing pesticide residues.
  • The bags protect crop quality, reducing the volume of damaged grains and seeds that result in quality downgrade and price discounts.
  • They reduce repeat intervention by giving consistent, sustained, long-lasting control, through continuously refreshing insecticide at the surface of yarns.

ZeroFly® Features Compared to Features of Other Fly Control Options

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